The POST is the official publication of the PCRRHS. Published three times per year, the POST features articles and photographs about all things Penn Central, including both prototype and model railroading subjects. Regular features include "The Crummy Locker," an ongoing series about PC railroadiana, and employee tales of working on the Penn Central.

The POST is produced for the PCRRHS by White River Productions. Dale Sanders is the Editor and is assisted by Managing Editor Steve Hipes. If you are interested in contributing to the POST, you may get in touch Steve via our contact page.

Below are listed all issues of the POST published to date. Back copies of all issues are still available (unless otherwise noted on the index pages), and can be ordered from the PCRRHS at the Society Store.

Volume: 1
# Cover Contents Status

February 1, 2000

  • Welcome
  • Penn Central is born
  • Hiring Out on the PC, Part 1
  • The Crummy Locker
  • PC's Bayard Tower
  • Where Are They Today?
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December 2000

  • PCRRHS Convention Report
  • A Page in History
  • Hiring Out on the PC, Part 2
  • The Crummy Locker
  • My First Week on the PC
  • The Word is Getting Out!
  • Where Are They Today?
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