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Despite it's 8-year history, the railroad known as the Penn Central Transportation was a fascinating railroad for many reasons, including its diverse route structure and motive power roster, and heavy traffic on its main trunk routes.

Below you can read various articles and other items of information about the Penn Central.

PC E8A 4321

A piece of Penn Central history sits rusting away next to Norfolk Southern's Toledo District main line on the west side of Bellevue, Ohio. PC E8A 4321 today is now merely a rusted shell, stripped of its prime movers and other equipment, but still showing its PC emblems.

PC E8A 4321 at Bellevue, Ohio

Penn Central 1974 movie

This movie was produced in 1974 by Penn Central in an attempt to convince the US government to assist the bankrupt railroad in its attempt to reorganize and regain its financial footing. This 28 minute film has footage from many locations around the Penn Central system, such an Enola Yard, Holidaysburg Car Shop, the car repair facilities at Morrisville Yard and Buckeye Yard, and the Selkirk locomotive shop.

A Brief History of Penn Central

The Penn Central merger was consummated on Feburary 1, 1968, between the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central Railroad. At the end of 1968, the assets of the bankrupt New York New Haven & Hartford Railroad were acquired PC by order of the Interstate Commerce Commission.

System map

Here is an interactive system map of the entire Penn Central system as of January 1970. Use the Zoomify viewer to scroll around and zoom in and out.