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Despite it's 8-year history, the railroad known as the Penn Central Transportation was a fascinating railroad for many reasons, including its diverse route structure and motive power roster, and heavy traffic on its main trunk routes.

Below you can read various articles and other items of information about the Penn Central.

Switch Lists

In the pre-computer age of Penn Central, train crews had to write out switch lists by hand. The PCRRHS has in its archives examples of five different switch list forms. Three of these forms are attached below and can be viewed by clicking the links (PDF format).

Valley Division motive power assignments, 5/24/70

The below document is a Penn Central company memo dated May 24, 1970, showing motive power assignments for all yards across the Central Region, Valley Division.

Valley Division train schedule memo, 6/21/68

This memo was addressed from W. L. Holler to B. L. Strohl and R. A. Rutledge regarding new train schedules effective July 5, 1968, for through freight trains EP-1, EP-2, NC-1, NC-2, PY-3, PY-4, AN-1, and AN-2.

Cleveland interactive map

This page features an interactive map showing the location all of Penn Central's Cleveland-area facilities, including rail lines, yards, bridges, towers, etc.

Cleveland Division General Order 405 - Harvard Connection

General Order 405, issued for the Cleveland Division on September 30, 1970, placed the Harvard Connection in service between the Main Line Alliance to Cleveland and the Cleveland Short Line Branch.

GO 405 map

Valley Division overview, Rochester-Youngstown-Alliance

Summary of stations, block stations and interlockings, and yards on the Valley Division on the Low Grade, E&A, and Detour Branches, circa 1970-1971.

Officers list, February 1, 1968

This sheet, released through the general office in Philadelphia by corporate secretary Bayard H.

Instructions and Procedures for Haselton Yard

This booklet was produced in 1972 for yardmasters, clerks, and train crews at Haselton Yard (ex-PRR) in Youngstown, OH.