Upcoming Products, 6/2012

News and announcements for Penn Central modelers for June 2012:

N Scale

Bluford Shops PC transfer caboose

Bluford Shops is taking pre-orders for Penn Central and New York Central transfer cabooses in N scale. They will be available in two numbers each with an expected delivery of late 2012. MSRP for each cabooses is $36.95, and more information is available at the Bluford Shops web site.

Intermountain has announced a PC 53' 6" AAR 70-ton flatcar in N scale. The car will be available in six numbers and retails for $22.95 with expected delivery in December 2012 or January 2013.

HO Scale

Walthers has announced Metroliner cars in Coach, Parlor, and Snack Bar Coach configurations. The cars in the first run will be available in Amtrak Phase I paint with or without Tsunami sound and DCC. MSRP for the sound-and-DCC cars is $259.98 each, while standard DC cars will be priced at $169.98 each. Expected delivery is March 2013. A special limited-edition set of cars in PRR colors will also be available, consisting of four cars with sound and DCC priced at $1199.92 MSRP. No Penn Central cars have been announced at this time, but Walthers may announce PC cars in a later run. More details can be found on the Walthers web site.

Accurail has announced a double-door PC riveted-side boxcar kit in HO scale. The car is item #5237 and has a MSRP of $15.98.

O Scale

MTH has announced a 3-bay ACF Center Flow hopper decorated for PC as an H45 class car. The car will be available in two numbers, has a retail price of $59.95, and has an expected delivery date of August 2012.