PC E8A 4321

A piece of Penn Central history sits rusting away next to Norfolk Southern's Toledo District main line on the west side of Bellevue, Ohio. PC E8A 4321 today is now merely a rusted shell, stripped of its prime movers and other equipment, but still showing its PC emblems. It was built for the New York Central as its 4070 and initially kept that number under PC. In 1973, it was equipped with cab signals, renumbered 4321, and placed in commuter service on the New York & Long Branch. NJ Transit used it briefly before cannibalizing it for parts. In 1991 it was shipped to Logansport, IN, where it sat for a few years, and then was moved to Bellevue in 1996. The locomotive is privately owned, and there are no known plans to restore it.

PC E8A 4321 at Bellevue, Ohio