Crossing Tower Restored in Grand Rapids

A century-old grade crossing watchman tower on the west side of Grand Rapids, MI has been restored to its 1970's-era appearance, complete with a Penn Central sign. The restoration of the tower, located in the parking lot of the El Sombrero Restaurant at 527 Bridge St. NW in Grand Rapids, was funded by SIBSCO LLC, the restaurant's landlord. The wooden tower building was removed from its steel tower base and restored by Rockford Construction, then placed back on its base under wrappings until it was officially unveiled in a ceremony on November 14, 2016. Several local TV stations and newspapers covered the unveiling, including The PCRRHS provided technical assistance with the restoration.

You can read more about this restoration project in the next issue of the PCRRHS POST, coming out in March 2017. Photo by Maxwell Crosby.

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