Upcoming Products, 11/2012


HO Scale

Bowser has announced an Alco Century 430 locomotive in HO Scale. The locomotive will be available three PC and three NYC road numbers, among other road names, in both DCC-ready and DCC/Sound versions. The DCC-ready models will have a list price of $199.95 and the DCC/Sound versions will list for $299.95. Estimated delivery date for the models is Fall 2013.

Bowser has also announced an HO Scale model of a PRR H30 class covered hopper. No road names, stock numbers, or pricing has been announced, but they likely will produce Penn Central versions of these cars.

Intermountain has announced an HO scale model of a Penn Central 40' long, 10' inside height post-war boxcar. The car will be available in six numbers with a list price of $31.95 and expected delivery in June/July 2013.

MTH has added HO scale Penn Central GP35s to their 2013 catalog. The model will be available in three road numbers and in three versions. Standard DC (DCC ready) versions will have a list price of $179.95, DCC/DCS Proto-Sound 3.0 versions will list for $279.95, and DCC/DCS Proto-Sound 3E+ (for Marklin AC layouts) versions will have a list price of $299.95. Expected shipping date for all versions is June 2013.

Atlas has announced a 50' AAR boxcar decorated for Penn Central. The car will be available in two roadnumbers with a list price of $29.95 and an estimated delivery in the second quarter of 2013.

Microscale has released HO scale decals for PC streamline passenger cars and Metroliners. The decal set is item number 87-1383 and retails for $7.00.